Digital Leap

Digital Leap is an international two-year project that offers digital training programme and free learning resources – Cookbooks – for circus and dance professionals who are interested in deepening their understanding of digital tools and virtual platforms. These online guidebooks are a good starting point to help you further on your digitalization journey. (  


The CookBook 1 – Promotion covers the topics of the first learning module held in Prague in April 2022, hosted by the Arts and Theatre Institute. Refresh your knowledge about digital promotion and working with social media. Discover more: here   

The CookBook 2 Digital productions compiles the key knowledge provided in the second learning module hosted by Lithuanian Dance Information Center in Vilnius, in May 2022. With the second cookbook you will gain basic understanding of streaming as well as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), get advice for planning your digital creation, learn what storytelling means and why it is important. Discover more: here 

The CookBook 3 – Dissemination is focused on the topics of the third learning module held in Terrassa in October 2022, was organized by the Institute Ramon Llull. With this online material you can explore how the internet can help to distribute your work and connect with the international performing arts scene. Discover more: here 

The CookBook 4  – Audience Engagement focuses its topics on three aspects: audience engagement on social media, audience engagement during the creative process, and audience engagement during digital performances. The learning programme was organized by ARTCENA. Discover more: here