Hic Sunt Dracones

Where do all our thoughts go when we close our eyes at night? When everything that is unimaginable during our waking hours comes to life and our bodies become nothing more than material? What happens when we walk out of our bedrooms in the morning, leaving all these dreams, fears and hidden desires to their own devices?
It is said that we do not have a single self, but several. In everyday life, these selves purposefully mediate and limit one another to cope with daily situations in a socially acceptable manner. But what happens if one of these uncensored selves becomes liberated from the others, autonomous? The landscape where all this unfolds is uncharted territory, terra incognita.

Ancient cartographers claimed that fantastic monsters and dragons lived in the unexplored areas of the world. In Hic Sunt Dracones, parts of the human body, objects and materials unite to form unimaginable landscapes, beings and stories. However, this is not a journey into far-flung regions or fantastic utopias, but into our own minds and the hidden corners of our souls.

Audience: adult 15+

About the company

Theatre Continuo is an international independent theatre group led by Pavel Štourač, its director and artistic coordinator. Since 1995, the company has been based in the South Bohemian village of Malovice, in a former farmstead called The Plum Yard. Continuo’s productions cannot be easily categorised into genres. Movement, live music, puppets, physical acting, acrobatics and dance, along with striking visual stylisation — all of these create the unique poetics of each individual production.
It is not very important to the creators of Continuo whether their work is defined as visual or physical theatre, just as it is not important for the actors to know whether they are dancing or acting. Matters of style or aesthetics are not so important. The group members focus their research on analysing themes, experimenting, being surprised, learning together, developing skills and sharing the results of their work with the audience.
Members of Continuo research authentic, personal connections between visual artistic knowledge and physical acting, rhythm, voice, and musicality. Daily work consists of actor training, with workshops on acting, dancing and voice technique, and collective and individual learning and research. 

Theatre / company

Theatre Continuo / Divadlo Continuo


Pavel Štourač


Pavel Štourač


Jakub Štourač

Stage design

Helena Štouračová and Pavel Štourač

Costume design

Helena Štouračová

Lighting design

Tomáš Morávek

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier




Nikola Krizkova