Choo. Choo. Whistle. Woof!

The non-verbal staging is intended for the youngest children, enthusiastic railfans and passionate dog lovers.

On a specially adapted stage, a large railway is gradually being built and a story of a dog who decides to overcome a fear of the unknown to find his girl dog friend and is heading towards a great train adventure is being unfolded. On his journey to find his love, he gets a lot of new dog friends who help him in his quest ...

Audience: children 2-5 years+

About the company

The Naive Theatre Liberec was established in 1949, and it was one of the first professional puppet theatres in the former Czechoslovakia. Even though its production has naturally taken various directions, it has, for the last seventy years remained in the minds of the audience as well as professionals as the Czech puppet theatre of an excellent quality.

The Naive Theatre Liberec has currently had no own director but they work with a wide range of authors. It focuses on the production of puppet or art performances for children and youth, and also emphasizes the original author work.

Now, the Naive Theatre performs more than 300 performances per year for approximately 50,000 spectators in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Naive Theatre Liberec is located in the very city centre, a few dozen meters from the Liberec Town Hall. The streets of the North Bohemian capital come alive every two years with the Mateřinka Festival, which the Naive Theatre has been organizing since the 1970s. This international festival is the only one in Central Europe which focuses on puppet productions for pre-school children.

Theatre / company

Naivní divadlo Liberec / The Naive Theatre Liberec

Czech title

Šššš. Šššš. Hůůů. Haf!


Vít Peřina and collective


Michaela Homolová


Filip Homola


Vít Peřina

Stage design

Robert Smolík

Length of the performance

35 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier




INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL MATEŘINKA 2019 (4 prices); SPECTACULO INTERESSE 2019 - Award ERIK (The best Czech Puppetry Performance); CENA DIVADELNÍCH NOVIN (Award of …)