Les Fantômes

Phantoms. Phantasms. Spectres. Wraiths. When two guys called Tešlon and Frkl leave their universe and find themselves in our world, they explore everything and turn into les fantômes. At first they play with space, testing its possibilities, exploring its plasticity and variability. Next, they take space in their own way, turning it upside down. Eventually, they want to share what they’ve discovered, so they invite an audience and become les fantômes.Les Fantômesis movement clownery for all ages, characterised by spontaneous interaction with the audience, improvisation and a desire to play. It can take place anywhere: outdoors, under a roof or even in a parking lot. Whatever the space, this pair of clowns will explore it for and then with the audience.

About the Company

tYhle is a collective of generation-Y artists dealing with contemporary movement and visual art. The group was created as a result of serendipitous artistic meetings. tYhle are children of the new millennium, children of globalization with diverse roots, who create with shared curiosity, ambition and a taste for unexpected surprises. The experiences that have shaped them and the places they’ve come from are different, but they’ve found a common language - in physical theatre.


Theatre / company


Czech title

Les Fantômes


Florent Golfier, Lukáš Karásek


Florent Golfier, Lukáš Karásek


Lukáš Karásek, Florent Golfier, Tomáš Janypka

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Lucie Fabišiková