Live cinema project by Sgt. Tejnorova & the Commando, based on Dea Loher's Innocence.

How much responsibility do we take for others´ lives?

Sea coast. Nameless European city. A drowning woman. Two men who could save her. Burnt books. A bag full of money. Two grainy television screens. 13th floor. 14 people. It may appear they have nothing in common.

INNOCENCE is a desperately funny mosaic of society, where people look for their lives' meaning. Author of this poetic play, Dea Loher, is one of the most important and appreciated contemporary German playwrights. In her works Loher resorts to traditional dramatic aesthetics that link to the Brechtian epic theater. Apart from these theatrical concepts, Loher is interested in quantum physics and Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and often works with film techniques not unlike those used by Dogma-95.

Live cinema, as a new and constantly evolving genre of multimedia art, integrates here experimental approach, non-narrative film and live music together with theater performance.

About the company

Sgt. Tejnorová & the Commando is variable  creative group arround director Petra Tejnorová, operating as platform for her authorial projects. She explores various possibilities of actor-spectator relationships,  searching for a new role of theatre in today´s world, and experimenting with physical and documentary theatre, theatrical conventions and new media. In productions of the Commando the team work, devising methods and processuality – perceiving a performance as a unique event – are emphasized.

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Theatre / company

Sgt. Tejnorova & the Commando

Czech title



Dea Loher


Petra Tejnorová

Length of the performance

140 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



English , Czech




Michal Somoš