Handa Gote group continues to work with ‘little histories’, this time turning to one of its own members’ personal archives. Veronika Švábová sifts through the history of her family seeking both the fateful moments and seeming trivialities that have survived in family members’ memories to this day that are the fabric of the family community.Clouds is a subjective study of one’s own family, a series of scenes without causal association, not unlike those fragments of past events that make up our own memories.

"Veronika Švábová uses her family's history, compiled from photos, diaries, videos and a recipe, to engage the audience in a lively and informative way that is mostly compelling, thanks to her ingenious use of technology.’"
André Cours, The Prague Post (internet daily newspaper)

About the company

Handa Gote is an art group which alternates the instrumentation of sound installations, non-verbal and dance theatre, live music, visual theatre and technologies. Their work is influenced by minimalism, eastern philosophy and the do-it-yourself movement. It is a mixture of Czech craftsmanship, recycled objects and technologies and inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic categories Mono no ware, Wabi and Sabi.


Theatre / company

Handa Gote research & development

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Veronika Švábová, Robert Smolík, Tomáš Procházka, Jakub Hybler, Jan Dörner


Handa Gote research & development

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60 minutes

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Czech , Subtitles available