BOOM vol. 2: Cirk La Putyka’s show in cooperation with Ukrainian students

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In its project BOOM Vol. 2, Cirk La Putyka combines skills, energy and lives of young Czech and Ukrainian acrobats.

The project features the cooperation between the students of the Kyiv Academy of Circus and Variety Arts, who had to leave their country in February, and young Czech actors, dancers and acrobats from Cirk La Putyka. Directed by Rosťa Novák Jr., the show boasts twenty performers of contemporary circus disciplines – from cyr wheel, scarves, circles, Chinese poles, clownery, break dance, contemporary dance, and others. The main topic of the production the Czech audience had the chance to see from 30 September to 5 October in Jatka 78 is what connects both groups – the youth, social networks and gatherings after the onset of the war.

BOOM vol. 2 is loosely associated with the one-time-only joint performance of BOOM Vol. 1 in March this year. Unlike the first part, the second one was a full-length production. It will be on at least for the first half of this theatre season. The rehearsals started with Young Blood members in February this year, but they were soon accompanied by students from Kyiv, who Cirk La Putyka managed to get to a safe place immediately after the war had started. The production aims to explore the values and dreams of this generation and show the burst of positive energy it hides.

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Michal Novák; performance BOOM vol. 2