Welcome to PerformCzech!

We are curators, coordinators, theoreticians, and cultural managers associated with the Arts and Theatre Institute.

Entrusted by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, we design and implement the program of promotion of Czech performing arts abroad.

We are engaged in the development of international cooperation and the exchange of information in theatre, dance and contemporary circus.

We also pursue the arrangement of theoretical meetings – seminars, conferences, and an active dialogue of theory and practice.

We interconnect Czech performing arts and the world, and we believe that the virtual communication will bring real encounters in one space and time – because this is how theatre works!

What can you find on the portal?
  • Up-to-date information on the Czech performing arts scene
  • Profiles of theatres, festivals, schools, and other organizations
  • Profiles of Czech personalities of performing arts – from playwrights to choreographers
  • The selection of recommended productions available for foreign touring
  • Curator selections with a specific focus – e.g. for contemporary art fairs or curated theatre tours in the Czech Republic
  • The offer of workshops in various fields of performing arts
  • Essays and papers on theatre, dance and contemporary circus in the Czech Republic, including statistical data as well as cultural and political topics
  • Information and links to publications and theoretical outputs

Our goal is to inform on subjects, artists, current events in theatre, dance, and contemporary circus in the Czech Republic.

We believe you find the information you have been looking for, and if you have not looked for it, we are happy you have it!

And when something is missing – please write to:

Martina Pecková Černá

theatre expert

Jana Návratová

dance and contemporary circus expert

Pavel Štorek

theatre and interdisciplinary projects expert

Antonín Brinda


Radka Lím Labendz

communication manager

Viktorie Schmoranzová

production manager

Barbora Comer

production manager



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