Special Edition 2018 is finally out!

The editors of Taneční aktuality have prepared an exclusive start-of-the-season gift for their readers – a new printed magazine named Special Edition 2018. It will be released in late August and have its premiere at the prestigious Tanzmesse festival which takes place from 29 August to 2 September 2018 in Düsseldorf.

The chief editor Josef Bartoš explains the launch of this new format: “For ten years, we published the annual Yearbook every autumn, it was a selection of texts published on our website over the previous season and complete with news from various genres, or some interesting bonuses. Our editors have agreed on closing this chapter and bringing something new to our readers. In the Special Edition we provide space for deeper analyses of selected topics and personalities that hardly ever appear on our website.”

What the Special Edition borrows from the original Yearbook is the recapitulation of a past season. The first review of important events in the field of contemporary dance has been produced by Josef Bartoš, and Roman Vašek and Ladislava Petišková have reflected on ballet and pantomime. Hana Strejčková, taking on a new role, focuses on the field of new circus.

The Special Edition’s supervisor Petra Dotlačilová describes the content of the pilot issue: “The 2017/2018 season was rich in round anniversaries and birthdays of individual artists, companies, events and spaces. Therefore, we’ve decided the Special Edition’s theme should be Anniversaries of Czech Dance.”

The readers can look forward to the recapitulation of the thirty years of Tanec Praha festival, as seen by its director Yvona Kreuzmannová (interviewed by Jana Bitterová), the recapitulation the Spitfire Company’s ten years of existence, written by Daniela Machová, or the review of the evolution of ALTA Studio which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year (Lucie Břinková). Two prominent personalities of Czech dance and ballet, Jan Kodet and Petr Zuska, have celebrated their life anniversaries, and Lucie Hayashi and Lucie Dercsényiová write about their impact and their work. Historical topics complete the current ones – Natalie Nečasová takes a look back to the year 1918 and Monika Čižmáriková remembers the important Czech modernist Milča Mayerová.

The Special Edition boasts attractive content and a new fresh look in full colour, designed by Martina Koželuhová. The advantage of the new format is the bilingual version that will help to spread the awareness of Czech dance abroad.

Lucie Dercsényiová, who has encouraged the English translation, explains: “The Czech dance scene is incredibly diverse. Czech companies engage more foreign dancers every year, many international choreographers and ensembles come to perform here on regular basis, Czech companies travel abroad – and so it’s about time to make it possible for international readers to learn about the past and present of Czech dance.”

This smart decision has opened the door to the world for the magazine. It will be presented at Tanzmesse and distributed to 22 countries all over the world through Czech Centres. And of course, it will available at many stores in the Czech Republic for 99CZK. Petra Dotlačilová concludes: “The instructions for use are simple: buy, open, Czech readers look to the right, English to the left… Enjoy!”

For the list of stores where you can buy the magazine CLICK HERE.

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