The Magnificent 294

A B-action movie about the heroes of Operation Anthropoid.
The cutthroat who sits in the castle must be shot. Perhaps someone will come down from the sky. Olda is a butcher and makes fantastic schnitzels. Aťa loves books by Jules Verne and will grow up to be a gunfighter. Jindřiška fell in love for the first time and noticed that it smells beautiful in Libeň. They all have secrets. Daddy turned grey with fear. How can ordinary kids be so brave? We will nail down the flails and beat the Nazis! But no betrayals, otherwise Jindřiška won’t have time to fall in love for a second time.
A docu-fiction based on the true story behind one of the greatest heroic deeds in Czech history.

Audience: adult, children 15+

About the company

Founded by a group of young theatre enthusiasts in 1948, Pod Palmovkou Theatre has long been one of the most successful and popular Czech theatres. Throughout its existence, the theatre has focused on great stories, staging classic and contemporary plays and works by authors of different generations.
In 2016, Pod Palmovkou Theatre held the first PalmOFF Fest, a singularly successful festival of Central European theatre and culture, featuring leading ensembles from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and especially Poland. Some of the best European theatre ensembles came to Prague for this festival, many for the first time. Internationally acclaimed directors Krystian Lupa and Jan Klata also attended the festival.
In September 2017, Pod Palmovkou Theatre launched its 70th theatrical season. Performances took place in two distinct areas. Highly regarded works, including powerful stories about the pressing issues of our time, classic plays and adaptations of world literature are staged on the 280-seat Large Stage.  There is also the Studio Palm OFF stage, with a capacity of approximately 80 seats and a focus on contemporary work (primarily for younger and middle-aged audiences) and experimental theatre. Studio Palm OFF has gained popularity with audiences and critics alike for its unorthodox, immediate productions and artistic openness. Due to their subject matter and form, the pieces presented often resonate nationwide.
Both venues feature top directors such as Jan Nebeský, who consistently earns praise from critics and theatregoers alike, and Jan Frič, an acclaimed director of the younger generation. Pod Palmovkou Theatre is also the first Czech theatre to collaborate with the internationally acclaimed Polish director Jan Klata, who staged Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure in 2018 and Goethe’s Faust in 2019. As part of the European Union’s international programme Creative Europe Face to Face, Pod Palmovkou Theatre staged the Romanian director Alin Neguțoiu's play ROMEO&JULIET2022 in 2022.
Overseen by Chairman of the Board and Artistic Director Michal Lang, Pod Palmovkou Theatre’s repertoire is designed to appeal to a wide range of audiences across generations and address themes that are - or should be - social, cultural and artistic. Last year, the theatre was a top winner in several categories of prestigious theatre awards. Tomáš Dianiška’s play The Silence of the Beavers took second place in the Critics’ Choice Awards. In 2016, three of our actors were nominated for the Thalia Award: Jan Teplý, Radek Valenta and Tereza Dočkalová. In the annual i-Divadlo theatre popularity poll, Pod Palmovkou Theatre was ranked seventh.
Pod Palmovkou Theatre has participated in several prestigious festivals at home and abroad, with performances well-received at international theatre festivals in Zittau, Germany, Zsámek, Hungary, and Bratislava, Slovakia. In the Czech Republic, Pod Palmovkou Theatre has participated (often repeatedly) in the WTF? Festival in Liberec, Dream Factory in Ostrava, Theatre of European Regions in Hradec Králové, Theatre Festival 13+ in Prague, Grand Festival of Laughter in Pardubice, International Festival Theatre World in Brno, International Festival Theatre Pilsen and Aplaus in Prostějov. In 2018, our performance Measure for Measure was invited to the Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival in Poland. 
In March 2019, Pod Palmovkou Theatre won the Theatre Critics’ main prize for Theatre of the Year 2018 and the performance Measure for Measure (directed by Jan Klata) won the Theatre Production of the Year 2018.
The 2020 and 2021 seasons were marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, which interrupted the theatre’s normal operations and led to cancelled performances and changed tour dates. Still, we participated in two international festivals in 2021 (TheAtrium in Lithuania and Via Carpatia in Poland), as well as several international theatre festivals in the Czech Republic and organised another edition of Palm Off Fest.


Theatre / company

Pod Palmovkou Theatre / Divadlo pod Palmovkou

Czech title

294 Statečných


Tomáš Dianiška


Tomáš Dianiška


Matěj Štěstko


Ladislav Stýblo

Stage design

Lenka Odvárková

Costume design

Lenka Odvárková

Lighting design

David Janeček

Length of the performance

162 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , Subtitles available


Adult , Children


Critics Award for the Best Czech Play of 2020; Divadelní noviny (Theatre News) Award 2022 - Dramatic Theatre


Eliška Zemanová