What can a single breath mean?

A fluttering scarf on a mountain peak. A cloud of steam. The smell of the ocean.

Everything that flows, billows, spreads or smoulders is carried by on the air, or wafts through it. 

In Czech, the word “drak” means both dragon and kite. There are many different types of dragons/kites.

Heavenly dragons are servants of the gods and guardians of their land. Earth dragons live in the seas and rivers. Spirit dragons are protectors of peasants and can summon rain and wind. Guardian dragons keep a watchful eye over treasure. Some dragons have five fingers.

The paper dragon – or kite – is the first portent of fortune, hills and plains. 
It makes wishes come true. 

The Ministry of Kites is meeting at a slow pace.
Breathe in and breathe out.

English, german subtitles available

Audience: adult, children 13+

About the company

The TABULA RASA association was established in 2019 as the logical outcome of a collaboration between artists who met on several different projects. The core team consists of Mikoláš Zika, Jeník Tyl and Jan Brejcha, who studied production and scenography at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU in Prague. The association provides an auteurial platform for the creation of theatre and other projects combining various artistic approaches. In addition to original theatrical productions, the TABULA RASA production-artistic cell creates exhibitions, scenography, publications and art objects.

“My voice travels to Tabula Rasa’s Air project, to the sense of fantasy and playfulness with which they understand the magical world of Eastern philosophies without resigning to our present. Long live the heavenly emperor and the dragon ministry!" Marcela Magdová - theatre scholar and journalist

Theatre / company


Czech title







Petr Slunečko


TABULA RASA, Barbora Burdová

Stage design

Mikoláš Zika, Jan Brejcha

Costume design

Mikoláš Zika, Jan Brejcha

Lighting design

Šimon Janiček

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage description

STAGE SIZE: minimum 12 m wide – 12 m deep – 7 m high, AUDITORIUM: elevated seating, optimal capacity: 100 - 300 seats (adaptable)

Number of travelling persons



Czech , English , German


Adult , Children


Jan Tyl