“Can you hear what you’re saying?”

A family on a Sunday. There’s a discussion after lunch. Three generations. The mother – a teacher and a former dissident (the father is absent), her daughter and her husband – both work in the family business specialising in the installation of solar panels, and the younger daughter – a climate protester (she’s seen a psychologist a few times).

The battle lines are drawn within an environmental discourse. Family conversations as today’s battlefield in the climate crisis. Tea anyone? Catalogues of media previews. The outside world in our intimate surroundings. (Is it possible to separate the internal from the external?) How to be an effective subject of change? What defines a hysterical reaction, and who determines the boundaries of what constitutes a “healthy” reaction? Is it at all possible to change society in a “cultivated” way? From the perspective of everyday life, isn’t any protest just an ailment? Hysteria versus passivity.

A study of dialogue. The awakening of collective consciousness. See the future. Let recurring disputes be overgrown with organic vegetation!

Season 45: Resources

English subtitles available

About the company

Since its establishment in Prostějov in the 1970s, HaDivadlo has sought to establish itself as a leading alternative theatre in the Czech Republic. It has counted many prominent theatre personalities among its members.
Ivan Buraj has been the artistic director of HaDivadlo since 2015. 
HaDivadlo is part of the Centre for Experimental Theatre.


Theatre / company


Czech title



Ivan Buraj, Pavel Sterec and Bohdan Karásek


Ivan Buraj


Matěj Nytra

Stage design

Pavel Sterec

Length of the performance

70 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , Subtitles available




Marie Rotnáglová