A puppet performance full of water for children ages 2 and up and their parents.

When you step into the river, look around.
The river is an element, the river is a mighty force, the river is a source of life-giving water, the river is home to thousands of animals.
If you don't make any noise, you'll see them.
There they are!
Fish, ducks, newts, snakes, crayfish, salamanders, beavers, frogs. Can you see them?
Be careful – you might get wet!

About the company

Studio DAMÚZA was founded in 1999 by the students at DAMU – the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Today, DAMÚZA is a production unit supporting emerging theatre performers and ambitious projects by students and recent graduates of DAMU. Our work focuses on original productions, especially puppet, art and object theatre for children and adults.

We offer young, emerging artists the opportunity to realise their own theatre projects and gain experience in the field. We also offer professional artists the possibility of independent work, creative freedom a chance for experimentation and self-realisation.

Puppet performances for young audiences form the core of our repertoire. Taking young audiences as equal partners, we aim to let parents have fun spending time with their children at the theatre. Still, we believe puppet theatre is not only for children and so, in collaboration with the artistic group Fekete Seretlek, we also create music and theatre projects for adults, which we present at venues and festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

We have already presented our performances in 15 European countries (e.g. Italy, France, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc.)

Studio DAMÚZA has a repertoire of more than 20 productions for families with children and adults. We perform almost 300 shows a year.

Theatre / company

Studio Damúza

Czech title



Štěpán Gajdoš


Štěpán Gajdoš


Matěj Štrunc

Stage design

Anna Gumboldt

Costume design

Anna Gumboldt

Length of the performance

30 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


Martina Laštovková (Diblíková)