As the name itself suggests, the performance will consist of duets, i.e. two bodies, two people as a minimum for the establishment of a community. In an age of individualism and loneliness, the creators decided to explore ways to meet, to communicate without words. How to be together when we come from a very different environment and context? What does it mean to understand one another nowadays? Together with dancers and performers, people who have never been on stage before meet in the PONEC Theatre. Duets arose in an unconventional form through workshops in which performers and dancers Tereza Ondrová, Viktor Černický and Sai first met a person they did not know before the workshop. The meetings were based on a simple script. The participants of the workshop were both actors and witnesses of these meetings. Each Duet also examined our ideas and prejudices, as well as our ability to perceive closeness and sympathy. The meeting between two strangers focused on mutual attention and the present body. The performance of Duets is based on minimalism, the resulting writing of movement on simplicity, but also on the coincidence that will arise among those people that evening. It is a portrait of people and their relationships happening directly in front of your eyes. How to mediate and create a space where it is possible to slow down for a while? How to record such an encounter through the body in the resulting production? How to grasp the complexity of the human relationship that takes place at the level of social diversity, genetics, hair colour, our emotions, etc.? And how should such encounters be perceived?

Audience: adult, children 12+

About the company

Temporary Collective is an independent platform that creates productions and projects of various genres and themes. Its poetics and direction follow the original work of director Petra Tejnorová and dancer Tereza Ondrová. Temporary Collective is a live platform with a wide range of other collaborators. The platform was created in 2017 as a continuation of the creative cooperation of the clients, as a space for crossing and connecting genres and disciplines to offer the viewer an unusual experience in the current topic. The permanent members invite other artists to collaborate in order to create a unique creative chemistry always mixed with the theme and intent of the project. Director Petra Tejnorová used to have the group Sgt.Tejnorová & The Commando, dancer and choreographer Tereza Ondrová used to have the dance group VerTeDance. Everything is fleeting, and so these groups disappeared as well. The interest of both artists in cross-connecting different genres and disciplines culminated in the creation of the new creative platform Temporary Collective, whose core also includes manager Michal Somoš and producer Daniela Řeháková, who participated in the most recent independent projects of both artists. In addition to projects within the platform, all founding members are also successfully involved in other activities outside it. Currently, Temporary Collective consists of photographer Marek Bartoš, musician and visual artist Dominik Žižka, and production is strengthened by Tereza Baschová, with collaboration from Adina Hanáková and Roman Poliak. Temporary Collective emphasizes topicality and thus the temporality and transience of live art – what theatre and dance are like. The group offers the unique creative chemistry of the team that was created for the project. Temporary Collective is a mutable and living creative organism.

Theatre / company

Temporary Collective

Czech title



Petra Tejnorová


Tereza Ondrová


Dominik Žižka

Stage design

Sodja Lotker

Lighting design

Katarína Morávek Ďuricová

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English , Subtitles available


Adult , Children


The performance was selected for the Czech Dance Platform 2020, which moved to September 2021 due to the pandemic.


Daniela Řeháková