Leave It!

Leave It! is the story of how a dog wandered off and learned what is most important in life. Haryk is a very nice dog. He likes to play, he likes to romp. The only thing he really doesn't like is having a bath. He hates it so much that one day, when he hears the water splashing in the bathtub, he decides to run away. It's a lot of fun out there! But something is missing - his family. Who's that coming home? Haryk? No, it's not. It's a dog that’s so dirty that even his owner wouldn't recognise him... The performance is followed by a short interaction with the actors, when children can see the set (featuring an excavator, roller and crane) and dog puppets and get thematically related worksheets.

Audience: Adults, Children 3+

About the company

PUPPET THEATRE OSTRAVA is a professional theatre with a stable artistic ensemble. Established by the statutory city of Ostrava, it was founded in 1953 and has been based in a historic building in Masaryk Square for almost half a century. On 26 September 1999, a new building was opened, with seats for 176 spectators. This building was subsequently completed with an extension that features an alternative stage for 80 spectators, an amphitheatre and a Café in the Puppet Gallery. These spaces opened on 20 May 2011.

Puppet Theatre Ostrava’s work focuses mainly on children and youth. Each weekday, the theatre offers performances and creative workshops for kindergartens and primary and secondary schools. Sundays feature shows for the whole family, with one or two evenings a week dedicated to performances for adults. The alternative stage hosts artistic and therapeutic workshops and is home to the children's theatre studio.

Puppet Theatre Ostrava organises two international festivals. Spectaculo Interesse Festival, a selective, competitive showcase of the world’s best puppet performances takes place in odd years and, in even years, Theatre Without Barriers focuses on building connections between people across the wide spectrum of society and interpersonal barriers of all kinds.

Every summer, Puppet Theatre Ostrava invites semi-professional and professional puppet groups to its amphitheatre, where they entertain children as part of the Summer with Puppets event. The alternative space always houses a unique interactive puppet exhibition that introduces visitors to the history of puppet theatre and different types of puppets.

Theatre / company

Puppet Theatre Ostrava / Divadlo loutek Ostrava

Czech title

Fuj je to!


Vít Peřina and Co.


Michaela Homolová


Gabriela Barilla


Filip Homola


Daniela Jirmanová

Stage design

Hza Bažant

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , Spanish , Subtitles available


Children , Adult


Nomination for the Thalia Award 2021 for Karel Růžička for Best Actor in a Leading Role; Governor’s Award (Liberec Region) for outstanding performance at the Mateřinka 2021 festival


Gabriela Barilla