A collapse is a part of life, an experience that destroys, shatters and crushes. A collapse may harden or strengthen us, or just routinely recur without us even realising it is happening. There’s no progress without collapses, no expansion of limits, no way to move forward. We are interested in the essence of a collapse, what it does to an individual and what it does to an entire society. Will society turn its back on those who have collapsed? Will society take advantage of someone’s collapse or offer a helping hand? 

“Once again, Losers Cirque Company is pushing the limits of the human body and the law of gravity with playfulness, elegance and grace of movement. This time, they charm the audience with a poetic tour of the collapses, which are everyone’s faithful companions through life from childhood play onwards. The show offers an innovative interpretation of the collapse as a paradoxical phenomenon, one that pushes us down while lifting us up, slows us down while pushing us forward, and hurts us while making us stronger. I also applaud the sensitive and spot-on live musical and vocal accompaniment which adds power to the overall impression.” – Helena Grégrová, I-DIVADLO

Audience: adult, children 6+

About the company

Losers Cirque Company has premiered close to a dozen productions, most of which are still regularly presented at venues and festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad. Losers also offer regular gymnastics and partner-acrobatics lessons for the public. Since 2020, they’ve managed their own theatre, Divadlo Bravo!

Theatre / company

Losers Cirque Company

Czech title



Petr Horníček, Tomsa Legierski, Matyáš Ramba


Tomsa Legierski


Matyáš Ramba


Vladimír Mikláš, Josefina Žampová


Tomsa Legierski

Stage design

Petr Horníček, Štěpán Kuklík, Amar Mulabegovič

Costume design

Lucie Červíková

Lighting design

Amar Mulabegovič, Michal Bláha

Length of the performance

75 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


Eva Tázlerová