Living room

The Living Room takes the human imagination on an expedition into the unexplored realm of furniture. With the walls of a single room, it explores the parallel universe of furniture that coexists with our universe. Here, each object has its own character; each behaves in its own unique way. 
On the border between light and dark, amidst the quiet scrape of wooden feet and creaking doors, furniture and the human body become a canvas upon which fantastic figures emerge and fade away.
Balancing on the edges of mask theatre, dance and circus, Lukáš Karásek plays an exciting game full of imagination and humour.

About the company

Lukáš Karásek studied at the JAMU Theatre Academy in the Clown and Physical Theatre department under Pierre Nadaud. During his studies, he collaborated with Petr Váša (CZ), Irina Andrejeva of the Novogo Fronta theatre (CZ/RU), Daniel Gulko of the Cahin-Caha company (US/FR) and Karine Ponties (BE). He also attended masterclasses in mask theatre with Giovanni Fusetti in Florence (2013) and with Carlo Boso in Versailles (2017), an interest he developed while writing his bachelor thesis on the same topic. In 2013, Lukas created his graduation piece Tešlon a Frkl with Florent Golfier. They subsequently founded the collective tYhle, where they collaborate with Marie Gourdain and Zuzana Režná. Lukáš also works with different choreographers and theatre directors, including Pierre Nadaud (CZ/FR), Dominique Boivin (FR) and Katharina Schmitt (DE). He also gives mask workshops in the JAMU faculty, teaches theatre in primary schools, performs in an English educational theatre and spent two years working as a carpenter.

Theatre / company


Czech title

Obývací pokoj


Lukáš Karásek


Lukáš Karásek


Viktor Černický

Stage design

Lukáš Urbanec

Costume design

Hynek Petrželka

Lighting design

Zuzana Režná

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children


Lukáš Karásek