The members of Farm In The Cave were inspired when meeting young people from the Czech Republic, Tokyo and Scandinavia who live in great isolation in large cities.

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These people are hypersensitive individuals, incapable of returning to their jobs or school and unable to return to society and "succeed" despite perhaps wanting to. This phenomenon known as hikikomori (in Japanese "pulling inward") was first discovered in Japan but has been gradually appearing in more and more countries around the world, yet experts are unable to expound it. The term hikikomori refers both to the sociological phenomenon of acute social withdrawal and the people belonging to this societal group. Hikikomori is sometimes called the "illness of modern society". The composition entitled Odtržení/Disconnected is a unique blend of installation, documentary and physical theatre, which arose from the observation of hikikomori. The composition combines action, video and text with live music, and is part of a project called Night In The City which aims to explore sensitive modern issues. This exploration is the current focus of international theatre studio Farm In The Cave.

About the author

International Theatre Studio Farm in the Cave 

The company’s modern works go beyond the borders of physical, dance, or musical theater. Farm in the Cave’s performances arise out of their long-term research which is focused on the transmission of human experience beyond words and limits of ordinary understanding. Farm in the cave has established itself as a “modern laboratory” where performers have “asylum” to continuously work on their development (Czech Republic, Spain, Vietnam, Germany, Korea, Slovakia, Brazil, France, and Russia). They discover new ways of working with expression which cannot be developed during one-off projects.

In its more than ten years of existence, the company has represented the Czech Republic at many prestigious festivals, in more than 50 cities, and on three continents.

Viliam Docolomansky, choreograpeher and director

Viliam is holder of important awards, among them New European Realities, Total Theatre Award, Fringe First Award, The Grand Prix Golden Laurel Wreath Award, Herald Angel Award, Alfréd Radok Award, Respekt weekly Award for the strongest theatre production, Sazka and Theatre Jounral Award, etc. In 2011 and 2012 Farm in the Cave was shortlisted for the National Award of the Ministry of Culture for major contributions to theatre and dance.


The DOX Centre for Contemporary Art is a multi-functional space, created thanks to a private initiative for the reconstruction of a former factory in Prague’s Holešovice district. DOX’s programme differs from other similar exhibition institutions (the connection of a “kunsthalle” with a multifunctional cultural centre) primarily through art projects incorporating critical reflection on current social themes and issues overlapping with other “non-artistic” areas and disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, history, sociology and political science. DOX emphasises exchanges and interconnections between artistic disciplines — from painting to photography, to design, architecture, performance, physical theatre and film.



Theatre / company

Farm in the Cave


Lucia Škandíková, Viliam Dočolomanský


Viliam Dočolomanský, Lucia Škandíková


Viliam Dočolomanský


Viliam Dočolomanský, Jan Burian, Petr Uvira


Minh Hieu Nguyen, Hana Varadzinová, Eliška Vavříková, Anna Gromanová, Monika Částková, Petr Uvira


Karel František Tománek, Sodja Lotker

Stage design

Lucia Škandíková

Costume design

Lucia Škandíková

Lighting design

Pavel Kotlík

Length of the performance

70 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Annual price of national opera Opera plus for the best choreography CZECH DANCE PLATFORM 2016 for the best dance show of the year.

Produced by

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Jan Valter, Dana Račková, Zdena Rudolfová, Šimon Peták, Karolina Zajdel, Veronika Dúbravová, Zdena Rudolfová


23. 1. 2016


Táňa Švehlová