Love from Afar

Once upon a time in the south of France there lived a troubadour. He glorifi ed his love for an imaginary lady. He then set out on a crusade, never to return. However his name and works were not forgotten and over time legends grew up around the troubadour about how he set off for Tripoli to the lady of his heart and died there in her arms. This troubadour was Jaufré Rudel. His legend still inspires artists centuries later, and the Finnish composer K. Saariaho fi rst encountered the tales of Jaufré in 1993 and put several of his poems to music. It was only a short step from songs to an opera and today Love from Afar is one of the most frequently performed contemporary operas, since Saariaho’s music in a unique manner marries the medieval songs of a troubadour, oriental inspiration and 21st century style. Like the songs of troubadours it is a work of many layers and symbols – near and far is relative in human relations, because sometimes the most beautiful thing is only to desire and live in the imagination … and sometimes our feelings are so strong that when we achieve our desire, we die.

About the company

Janacek Opera NdB belongs among the leading opera houses in Central Europe. During its existence, the opera ensemble has introduced significant productions, including world or Czechoslovak premieres (Janáček, Martinů, Shostakovich). Cooperates with theatres abroad (State Opera Vienna, Covent Garden Royal Opera), directors and conductors (D.Pountney, R. Carsen D. Radok, T.Hanus) as well as outstanding artists. Opera ensemble spans its activities across Europe (i.e. Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Asia).


Theatre / company

Janáček Opera of the National Theatre Brno / Janáčkova opera NdB

Czech title

Láska na dálku


Kaija Saariaho, Amin Maalouf


Jiří Heřman


Kaija Saariaho


Patricie Částková

Stage design

Tomáš Rusín

Costume design

Zuzana Štefunková Rusínová

Lighting design

Daniel Tesař

Sound design

Kaija Saariaho

Length of the performance

150 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



French , Subtitles available




Jiří Heřman