The One Thousand Dozen

Gold rush in Alaska differed from all others. He who desired for gold had to get through Chillkoot Pass, survive several avalanches, not to drown during sail to Dawson, not freeze in 60 degrees below zero and dig through several meters of snow, ice and frozen ground. Only complete fools were thinking about such an adventure. Who else would go on such a journey to get one dollar in gold for two dollars invested. But there were some whose intentions was not to get the gold from the ground, but from the people instead.

About the company

Former students of Academy of performing arts in Prague (DAMU) who work in a similar way. They like to work with natural materials, especially wood and metal. Also they have a specific and signature sense of humour in their performances.


Theatre / company

Plata Company

Czech title

Tisíc Tuctů


Jakub Maksymov and company


Jakub Maksymov


Milan Vedral


Jakub Maksymov

Stage design

Fortuna Hernandez

Costume design

Fortuna Hernandez

Lighting design

Fortuna Hernandez

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English , Subtitles available




17th The Golden Dolphin, Varna, 2017 *Award for the best male acting (collective award) 20th The Golden Sparkle, Kragujevac, 2018 *Grand prix – the best show of the festival *Award for the best director 33rd Skupa‘s Pilsen, Pilsen, 2018, 2019 *Award for dramaturgy and directing *Honorable Mention for stage desing and puppests *Honorable Mention for collective acting


Adam Svoboda