The minimalisticl performance Fatherland combines elements of durational performance art, documentary, and video. Director Jan Mocek builds it on an intimate and multi-layered situation: he meets his father, Jan Mocek, a man thirty-four years older than himself, on the stage. The same name and the obvious physical resemblance of both men serves as an impetus to play with the theme of identity, in which the presence of the father transforms into the future of the son. Who will I be in 2052? How will my body – and my thoughts – change? To what extent is it possible to deviate from inherited behavior patterns and traditional life scenarios? Fatherland is an invitation to become involved in a collective meditation about time, our relationship with the country we come from, and the various alternatives for our own futures.

About the company

Jan Mocek’s projects lie on the boundary between theatre and visual art. In his performances, he brings to the table contemporary themes in all of their complexity and ambiguity, but, at the same time, he offers his audience an emotionally atmospheric and strongly sensual experience. The Radiant Cities (2016), Shadow Meadow (2017) , Fatherland (2018) are his latest performances, presented nationally and internationally at festivals such as Fast Forward Dresden, Use the City Košice, Submerge Digital Arts festival Bristol or 4+4 Days in Motion Prague to name but a few.


Theatre / company

Jan Mocek

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Jan Mocek


Jan Mocek


Matouš Hekela


Sodja Lotker

Stage design

Jan Mocek

Costume design

Jan Mocek

Lighting design

David Prokopič

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Czech , English


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Táňa Švehlová