Moment! is a tender, trash-punk performance for toddlers and their parents. These heroes come from dustbins, but don’t be fooled by their rough exterior, tender souls are hidden underneath. It will just take a moment and ordinary things will come to life.

About the Company

Studio DAMUZA has been on the stage since 1999. It focuses mainly on ambitious projects of students and graduates of DAMU. It is the producer or co-producer of many innovative projects for an exeperienced audience. It is also the main organizer of two theater festivals for families with children - VyšeHrátky and KUK!


The Minor Theatre mainly has been linked for years with a puppet and children stage. Since 2001 many of important changes took a place connected especially with the acquisition of a new modern building in Vodickova Street. A prestigious award The Building of the Year 2002 and a City of Prague Mayor’s Prize (in creation of a unique space for children’s art activities) was subsequently obtained.

At the present, the theatre attempts to perform not only for the children but also attract the grown-up audience and thus the whole family.

Theatre / company

Studio Damúza

Czech title



Richard Fiala, Pavol Smolárik, Jiří Ondra


Marek Doubrava


Richard Fiala, Pavol Smolárik, Marek Doubrava/ Jiří Ondra

Stage design

Jan Antonín Skála

Costume design

Jan Antonín Skála

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Zuzana Cajtlerová

+420 728 980 795