Refugee Conversations

It begins almost like an anecdote: So there's these two guys....both of them left a country where they couldn't live any longer, searching for a place where they can. The dialogues of two men (Miroslav Hanuš and Miloš Kopečný), which form the intellectual level of the production, are pitted sharply against the musical aspect, in this case the brutal songs of the Tiger Lillies, performed by our actors (Eva Hacurová, Veronika Lazorčáková, Magdalena Zimová, Martin Matejka and Jan Meduna) and accompanied by our professional musicians (Milan Potoček, Jan Buble, Slávek Brabec or František Tomášek and Tomáš Makovský). The production is performed in a reduced form with the audience seated on the stage.

About the company

Divadlo v Dlouhé is a repertoire theatre with a permanent group of actors established in 1996 as a set financed by the Municipality of Prague. Divadlo v Dlouhé cannot be assigned to any genre category: our repertoire includes great dramatic stories just as it includes farces, scenic ballet ballads, non-traditional cabaret or a singing performance for children.


Theatre / company

Theatre on Dlouha Street / Divadlo v Dlouhé

Czech title

Hovory na útěku


Bertolt Brecht


Miroslav Hanuš and Jan Borna

Length of the performance

90 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Marketa Nachlingerova