One Step Before the Fall

A hypnotic wave of voice and sound by Lenka Dusilová and power dance by Markéta Vacovská converge in a single moment in the boxing ring. This multi-genre project by the acclaimed Spitfire Company deals with the themes of fighting, exhaustion, the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, and collapse.

About the company

Spitfire Company is an artistic platform that includes physical, visual, musical and dance theatre. It is currently one of the most progressive ensambles of author theatre in the Czech Republic. The works that are characteristic for the ensamble include features such as: emphasis of physical acting on the stage, experimenting with new theatrical features, existential imbalance of the figures, the trend of connecting different genres and finding new visual stimuli.


Theatre / company

Markéta Vacovská & Lenka Dusilová & Spitfire Company & Damúza

Czech title

One Step Before the Fall


Petr Boháč, Markéta Vacovská


Petr Boháč, Markéta Vacovská

Length of the performance

40 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier




Nomination to Thália award (2012) Dancer and lightdesigner of the year (Czech Dance Platform 2013). The Herald Angel Award, 2013 Total Theatre Award (shortlist), 2013 Aerowaves Priority Company for 2014


Aneta Kafková