The Filmmakers

5 actors, 51 characters, 104 objects, 40 costumes, 40 surroundings and 1 story in 6 performances

The FILMMAKERS, a production by Small Theater, is designed for audiences in the age 13+. It gives them a tour through the world of film and film technologies. A tiny, but perfectly equipped, film studio is created on stage to show spectators anything that a big movie screen can do. Is it possible to create a high-budget film without cameras and post-production technologies?

You will see a short, single story on stage. But you will see it six times as it transforms in film history. Starting with silent movies over to Alfred Hitchcock’s horrors, western movies in sepia, misery of war, sitcom couch, and all the way to space sci-fi.

In our film-theatre lab you will look under the hood of where all big movies in the world were created. One musician operates the sound design of the whole film history of the world, five actors perform in dozens of roles, 40 costumes with more than a hundred sets and props are used in front of a 2 meters film screen.

Completely in 3D since theatre already does operate in 3D.

About the company

The Small Theatre is one of the ensembles of the South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice. It deals systematically with original productions for young audiences - both in terms of age and of spirit. The typical feature of the Little Theatre is the authors' playful approach to the production process, and every new project is tailored to the theme, space, site and situation of the piece as well as to the target spectator.

Theatre / company

South Bohemian Theatre / Jihočeské divadlo

Czech title



Janek Lesák and comp.


Janek Lesák

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , English




The Child Theatre Award (Children’s festival in Prague at Theatre in Dlouhá street)


Jiří Grauer