About The Lamb That Fell from The Sky

The story with as little text and as many imaginative impressions that it might be enjoyed by children from the age of 2.

The simple plot is inspired by motives from a picture book by German illustrator Fred Rodrian, and tells a story of a Fleecy Cloud Lamb who fell from the sky. A little girl takes him in and wants to help him up to the sky. They walk along to various funfair attractions hoping to help the Lamb back to his fleece cloud friends. Unfortunately, the circus cannon shot and the puppet pyramid  failed, and funfair balloons didn´t help either. However, everything turns for the better after all, the Lamb is back in the sky, and it´s time for children to see and feel the performing puppets, try out miscellaneous musical instruments and enjoy  interactive playroom activities, such as playing the Wheel of Fortune or setting up wooden-block puppets.

The performance (including the closing playtime) lasts about 50 minutes.

About the company

The Naive Theatre Liberec is represented by quality dramaturgy, an artistically mature group of actors and an interesting board of guest directors who continuously search for new performance techniques. Young artists are also given an opportunity to make their first creative experiments. New productions are created with or without puppets and with the use of masks or brand costumes. The Naive Theatre Liberec performs at international festivals all over the world and also organizes the Mateřinka international festival, focusing on puppet performances for pre-school age children.

Theatre / company

The Naive Theatre Liberec / Naivní divadlo Liberec

Czech title

O beránkovi, který spadl z nebe


Vít Peřina and collective


Michaela Homolová

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



No language barrier




The best show – Festival Dítě v Dlouhé 2014


Stanislav Doubrava