The Pumpkin Demon in a Vegetarian Restaurant

The Pumpkin Demon is a gastronomical gesamtkunstwerk: an operatic vegetarian restaurant
that serves modern opera, a love story and a seasonal pumpkin supper. The show has become very popular with audiences and has been performed in a number of places and has turned into a ritual of farewell to the summer. The specialty of this mid-Halloween-night‘s dream is the mix of the Diversa‘s operatic poetics and the popular gastroculture.
The culinary magic is the starting point: it all started with a recipe, which was developed into a libretto and the whole show is both a story of the year‘s journey to the winter and a dramatisation of the processes of making the pumpkin delicacy. The opera deals with the elementary gift – one that is born, grown and then cooked, as well as that which comes to life when someone plays or sings for the audience. Both are cooked up onstage and given out. And it is also about that special gift that the story ends with – forgiveness, intimacy and the promise of warmth in the midst of winter‘s cold and the promise of the coming solstice.

About the company

The Ensemble Opera Diversa is an independent professional company who creates original
music theatre performances and perform concerts with innovative dramaturgies. The core repertoire are works by Ondřej Kyas (music) and Pavel Drábek (lyrics): 4 full-length operas, 2 music theatre shows and around 20 minioperas, apart from original orchestral and vocal compositions and works commissioned from other authors. Since its beginnings (1999) the ensemble has grown into a musical society that gives around two dozens of performances every year.

Theatre / company

Ensemble Opera Diversa

Czech title

Dýňový démon ve vegetariánské restauraci


Ondřej Kyas, Pavel Drábek


Tomáš Studený

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Czech , Subtitles available




Zdeněk Nečas