The Hedonists

A strange company meets in a red room. An actor trying to learn some incredibly difficult lines, an elegant lady with a secret in her handbag, a man whom everyone laughs at… None of them appear to have anything in common, time drags slowly, or has long since stopped, conversations are held, no one leaves, but from time to time someone suddenly departs this life. The boundaries between live and death become blurred, and the questions “What’s for supper”and “How will I die” become equally important. A grotesque look at the profound subject of life and death, supported by exaggeration, humour and also sad tones.

About the company

Since its creation (1958) the Theatre on the Balustrade has played a significant role in the country’s social and cultural context and was a leading theatre for current theatrical tendencies. Since the 2013/2014 season the theatre has been headed by Petr Štědroň, Dora Viceníková and Jan Mikulášek, who incline towards irregular dramaturgy and auteur theatre. At the Theatre Critics’ Awards for the past year it won the Theatre of the Year award, while set designer Marek Cpin won Set Design of the Year for Hedonists and the production Velvet Havel won awards in all other categories.


Theatre / company

Theatre on the Balustrade / Divadlo Na zábradlí

Czech title



Jan Mikulášek, Dora Viceníková


Jan Mikulášek

Length of the performance

75 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons







Best Set Design of 2014 – The Theatre Critic’s Award


Alexandra Poláková