Mein Švejk (Operetta. Comedy. Death.)

I do not know if I manage to capture in this book what I wanted to. The very circumstance that I heard a person yelling at another: "You're as stupid as Švejk" just does not reaffirm that. However, should the expression "Švejk" happen to become a new four-letter word, I shall have to be satisfied at least with this enrichment of the Czech language.(Jaroslav Hašek)

Two frantic beasts: Hašek and Švejk. Both of them are known to the whole world, yet they have remained a mystery. A hero or a coward? A boor or an utter anarchist? A jerk or a philosopher? A burlesque gag or a grotesque? A mystificator or a madman of the truth? Cynical or foul-mouthed? Crap! In the madness of the time only one thing matters: to survive!

About the company

Divadlo Husa na provázku („Goose on a String Theatre“) was founded in 1968. The ensemble was initially founded as a generational ´task force, which in addition to its founders also brought together associated actors, artists, musicians and writers. In their programme, they placed a strong emphasis on creating and nurturing a scope for their free creative quest and experimentation. The main features were its dramaturgical openness, the search of themes for theatrical production outside the usual dramatic texts and the use of new options for the layout of theatrical space.


Theatre / company

Goose on a String / Husa na provázku

Czech title

Mein Švejk (Operetta. Komedie. Smrt.)


Jaroslav Hašek, Karel Vaněk, Miroslav Oščatka


Jan Antonín Pitínský

Length of the performance

125 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons





Eva Yildizová