Theatrical adaptation of the eponymous bestseller by Florian Illiese about a year in which the 20th century truly started. A year in which Kafka wrote The Metamorphosis, Musil wrote Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften, Duchamp mounted bicycle wheel and Kokoschka painted Alma Mahler. Freud was developing his patricide theory, Stravinskij introduced the Rite of spring and everybody met month after month in the galleries, on the beaches, in the trains, during mushroom picking, and they were gossiping, confessing love and they were jealous of each other and were judging one each other. 1913 – a year in which modernism fully unbraced its wings  so it could be soon shooted by the bullet of the Great War.

About the company

Tiger in need is an independent theatre company established on Prague DAMU in spring 2010. It concentrates on an autorical theatre, adaptations of non-dramatic pieces and theatre in  untraditional spaces. Leaders of the Tiger in need are director Ivo Kristián Kubák and dramaturgist Marie Nováková.

Among the most outstanding productions in the non-theatrical spaces belongs interactive event GOLEM Štvanice, thanks which Tiger in need was later able to Tiger in need in coproduction with theatre Letí presented Soudný den (Doomsday) in June 2014 in the natural scenography of the industrial space of Nákladové nádraží Žižkov . This space was then also used for a site-specific production Hra o nádraží (Play about the railwaystation).

Tiger in need is interested in adapting prosaic, biographic and autobiographic literature of the 20th century. In this dramaturgy line Tiger in need already presented: production based on the diaries of a film scenarist and director


Theatre / company

Tiger in need / Tygr v tísni

Czech title



Illies – Nováková – Kubák, translation Tomáš Dimter


Ivo Kristián Kubák

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Stage area


Number of travelling persons



Subtitles available , Czech




Evald Schorm Award 2015


Klotylda Marková