Frequency, a performance by Alžběta Tichá was shortlisted for 2023 circusnext selection

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The European jury gathered in Paris on November 14 & 15 for two intense days of discussion: 12 projects have been shortlisted for circusnext 2023 edition. The only represented project from the Czech Republic is Alžběta Tichá’s Frequency. Tichá is a performer, acrobat, dancer, and the lecturer at CIRQUEON - center for new circus in Prague.


Circusnext is a European circus label: the creators selected by a European jury stand out for their singularity and creativity. Their art works question us, jostle us, enchant us, move us. circusnext is also the “Europe of circus”: a platform of about thirty partners from 17 countries who gather around founding values – the identification of unique talents, support to emergence and creation, European cooperation.

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