Translation of Political Theatre: Roman Sikora in Frankfurt

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The translation of political plays requires a special approach - in addition to the linguistic mediation, contexts, socio-political discourses and theater traditions must also be included. The Czech dramatist Roman Sikora, the translator Barbora Schnelle and the translator and publisher Matthias Naumann discussed the matter together during the event on 20 October at Café KoZ in Frankfurt am Main, Germany: “Translating political theater: Using the example of the playwrights Roman Sikora and Hanoch Levin.”


The impulse for it to take place was the publication of the play anthologies by Roman Sikora: Breakfast with Leviathanand Hanoch Levin: Walkers in the Darkin the Drama Panorama book series from Neofelis Verlag, excerpts from which were read by Henning Bochert.

The event was organized by Drama Panorama – Forum for Translation and Theater e.V. in cooperation with the Neofelis Verlag Berlin and the taz.