Trans Europe Halles 93 International Conference in Prague’s Studio ALTA

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Studio ALTA will host the TEH 2022 international conference exploring a theme of Cultivation. The Conference, that was supported by PerformCzech LINKS, a funding program by the Arts and Theatre Institute, will take place on 26-29 May 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The creators of the conference comments on its theme:

“What does cultivation mean to us? First of all, it is about listening and learning to consider our actions within our ecosystems and sustain healthy environment so that its individual components can function.

The conference programme is based on four elemental sections:

→ Programming the symbiosis – explores (not only) a balance of the programme’s composition. Searching for an ideal relation between quality and quantity is also our challenge.

→ Space is the case is the space is the case – seeks out visions and current practices that examine space and its potential for building a healthy environment.

→ We should care about each other – thematically explores a spectrum of team relationships.

→ Utopia, really? – centres on a crisis of imagination.

The concept of this Conference will resonate with many cultural professionals and centres as it questions our current approaches to work and aims to make us reconsider our action plans and look deeper into the value of things and spaces we create.”

For more information, programme, and reservations, please visit the link.