The Lighthouses of Czech Culture lit up at more than 100 places in the Czech Republic

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More than 100 places saw the Lighthouses of Czech Culture on Monday evening – light columns at places where, with no coronavirus pandemic, theatre performances, concerts, film screenings, exhibition openings, and other cultural events would take place at that specific time. The event was initiated by #kulturunezastavíš, which prepared dozens of outdoor events with the circus, theatre, and concerts during the spring closure of cultural institutions.

“We would like to thank all organizers and cultural institutions that have joined the Lighthouses of Czech Culture despite the short preparation time. The event sent a clear light signal to the world, saying that despite canceling all the events, culture is still with us. Because culture will not let the viewers sink and thanks to their support, it will not sink. We will be together! We will manage safely, respecting all government measures,” says Rosťa Novák Jr, who supported the launch of #kulturunezastavíš with his company Cirk La Putyka. The event was supported by Audiolight, Brum Licht, Force Production, Profirental, Start Production, T-Servis, and many others, the technical support was provided by Smart Production.​