Depressive Children Longing for Money to present the immersive project Happy End in the “Chateau Switzerland” Hotel in the St. Gabriel Monastery in Smíchov

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Happy End at the “Chateau Switzerland” Hotel is the title of the new project by the acknowledged artistic gang Depressive Children Longing for Money and the award-winning director Jakub Čermák. The upcoming performance aims to be the biggest immersive theatre event this year. The unique project with more than thirty actresses will take place at the premises of the St. Gabriel Monastery at Smíchov, which has been recently opened to the public. The performance with five exclusive reruns only will premiere on 17 September this year.

The project for everybody interested in death, thinking or fearing it, or those who want to experience a mock version of it – this is how Jakub Čermák, the award-winning representative of the new Czech theatre wave, briefly presents the upcoming project. The five reruns of his new interactive theatre project Happy End at the “Chateau Switzerland” Hotel is set in the unique spaces of St. Gabriel Monastery at Smíchov. With more than thirty actresses, he is determined to demonstrate 15 different ways of ending one’s life. This year’s laureate of the Czech Theatre DNA Award promises the viewers to see the biggest Czech project of this nature this year as well as one of the most intensive immersive experience in the history of immersive theatre in the Czech Republic: it will offer the opportunity to experience death and afterlife.

“Immersive theatre provides us with a unique opportunity to allow the viewers to freely move in the space and the plot. We will welcome the visitors in our luxurious grand hotel on two floors, hosting the last supper, a concert of dying arias, participate in a philosophical masterclass, or watch a fashion show. We will continue with more items in the programme and I would just like to say that it can guide the viewers through 15 kinds of varied experiences up to the feeling of infinity. Happy End is a kind of a large-budget film in a theatre,” says Čermák.

The leaders of philosophical masterclasses are philosopher Anna Hogenová, writer Daniela Fischerová, and the priest Martina Viktorie Kopecká. Apart from 30 participating actresses, the audience will see Anežka Rusevová famous for her role in the Czech soap opera. As the actress says, she will interpret the death inspired by a biblical topic.