Premiere of the documentary Skywalk over Prague

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Open-air screening of the premiere of the documentary on 20 August 2020 – 21:00h

The premiere of the documentary Skywalk over Prague will be a reminder of the unprecedented opening of last year's edition of the festival, when the artist Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga walked over the Vltava River on 350-meter- long rope at a height of 35 meters. The documentary will be screened with the participation of the creators and will be followed by a debate.

Between heaven and earth in absolute solitude and concentration, French tightrope walker Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga walked high up over the bridges of Prague. Focus, courage and faith as well as stares of the people watching her from the ground with their heads bent back - that is what describes this number over the river. Was it just a big show for the impression and fear of the audience or was it art? Was it just hazzard or the eternal desire of humans to break limits and go further?

Her performance opened last year’s edition of the international festival of contemporary circus and theatre Letní Letná. During her walk on the rope, she used a 4-meter long bar that weighed 12 kgs. Although it was raining heavily one hour before the performance in Prague, the performer and festival organizers were lucky in the end. Prague was flooded by sunshine, which was directed right into acrobat’s eyes, yet it did not put her out of countenance.

The way from Old Town in Prague to Letná on the rope hanging above the river was the farthest ever she has ever made.

Please note:

To ensure the safety of our visitors, the capacity of the event is limited. It is necessary to make a reservation for a place at the festival box office or on our website