Rehearsal for Truth Theater Festival Presents the 2020 Spring Weekend: The Unimaginable of Reality

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Experience award-winning contemporary plays by Central European playwrights addressing current social and political issues in the quest for truth. The Václav Havel Library Foundation and Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association presented the second edition of the Rehearsal for Truth Theater Festival’s Spring Weekend.

From May 28–31 on Zoom, the festival offered live online readings of contemporary plays penned by award-winning European playwrights Czaba Szekely from Hungary, Michal Ditte from Slovakia and Martyna Majok from Poland who explore current social and political issues in their quest for truth. Seasoned New York City–based actors performed the three readings. A moderated discussion with prominent translators of Vaclav Havel’s plays accompanied the online events.

You can watch two of the Spring Weekend evenings on YouTube channel: the panel talk TRANSLATING HAVEL: THE TRICKY PARTS, and the stage adaption of the documentary novel by the Austrian writer MARTIN POLLACK, THE AMERICAN EMPEROR, featuring stories of immigrants from the poor Eastern European regions at the end of the 19th century. The journey to pursue their dreams in America reflect the same hardships of present-day refugees. With respect to current social protests taking place in the US and in many other countries, we would like to dedicate this reading to all the people fighting for a fair chance for better life and justice.

Spring Weekend is part of the Rehearsal for Truth Theater Festival honoring the playwright and human rights activist Vaclav Havel. The 2020 edition showcases contemporary European plays through live online readings performed and directed by New York City–based actors and directors.

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