The zero edition of the Theatre Documentary Showcase to take place in Jihlava

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The Highland Theatre Jihlava has been preparing the Theatre Documentary Showcase, which is going to take place on March 12-14. Apart from the stage in Jihlava, audiences will have a chance to see several theatres from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, said Mirka Kvíčalová, the theatre spokesperson, in the press release.

“Theatre documentaries are, in our point of view, productions referring to real events, stories, mapping real topics of the contemporary world, or benefiting from historical facts, yet at the same time they show art qualities and a strong dramatic line,” said Kvíčalová.

The Highland Theatre started to be engaged in theatre documentary in the time when the artistic director was Pavel Šimák and the current artistic director Michal Skočovský continues in his work.

Czech production at the Jihlava showcase will be represented by productions Barber Shop and The Time Went by in the Jihlava Street, which premiered last October. The South Bohemian Theatre České Budějovice will present the production of Elites directed by Jiří Havelka. The Feste Theatre in Brno will play the performance inspired by Karel Čapek, Display of the Shame, dealing with cohabitation of people and robots. Life of Czech society in the past 30 years was inspiration for the play We Shall Overcome from the Municipal Theatre in Zlín. The author is Petr Michálek, who has also written successful cabarets Ovčáček čtveráček and Ovčáček miláček.

Jihlava will also host Ján Palárik Theatre in Trnava with The Kick. It deals with a real event from the German municipality of Potzlow, where three young men brutally murdered their friend.

The showcase will be accompanied by the discussion about productions, moderated by theatre journalist Martin Macháček, said Kvíčalová.