Buraj Ivan


Buraj is a politically distinctive theatre philosopher, a rational analyst, who is trying to redefine modernism and to look for the new means of expression. He usually experiments with multimedia as he makes use of various kinds of acting aesthetics.

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During his studies in Brno, Buraj was the assistant in the National Theatre and helped with the rehearsal of Robert Wilson’s The Makropulos Case. He received his bachelor’s degree at JAMU and graduated with the production of People Annihilation or My Liver is Senseless, and he received his master’s degree for the production The Prince of Homburg, which received a special audience and jury prize at the international theatre school festival ISTROPOLITANA. It was nominated for the Best Play Award in the Theatre Newspapers Award. He is also associated with the National Moravia-Silesian Theatre – the production of Resettlement!!! or HaDivadlo, where he prepared his own adaptation of Kafka’s The Castle. One year later, in the middle of the 2014/2015 season, he became the artistic director of this theatre. Since then, he has staged Madame Bovary, Uncle Vanya, The Opening, Moonwalkers or Eyolf.

He has graduated from directing at JAMU in Brno, he is the artistic director of HaDivadlo.

Buraj was nominated for the Theatre Newspapers Award for directing the production of Uncle Vanya in HaDivadlo.

“Ivan Buraj’s ability to provide productions with charisma is indisputable and it even deepens now. It never lapses into cynicism or arrogance. He thus maintains the unconfined space for ideas, he does not judge openly, he never imposes his opinion. Moonwalkers are the flagship of all the answers to the question “Why does it still make sense to go to the theatre?”.
Jaroslava Šimáková, Artikl.org